Session Three (Day 2)

Session Number: 601
Session Title: Itunes and Media
Session Presenter: Prakash Patel
Session Location: Room 132
Session Description:
Have you ever wondered about making your own ringtones? Do you have CDs that are collecting dust? It would be great to take all your CDs with you without having to pack them in a ten pound CD collection binder. Sign up for this workshop to learn some user friendly secrets of iTunes. Once you learn these secrets you can create your own playlist, make ringtones, audio clip for a classroom presentation, and so much more. Sign up and don't forget to bring those CDs with you!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 602
Session Title:
Session Presenter:
Session Location: Room 146
Session Description:
Session Resources:

Session Number: 603
Session Title: ReTool and ReCharge your School's Library Program
Session Presenter: Robin Burns and Cherie Pennela
Session Location: Room 145
Session Description: Redefining the role of the Library Media Teacher and use of your School's library space. Learn how one librarian and one library assistant reinvented their roles to include LibGuides, "house calls", professional development program, a makerspace, genrefing the Fiction collection, and so much more.
Session Resources: ReTool and Recharge Your School's Library Program LibGuide

Session Number: 604
Session Title: Instructional Design and RLO's: The Keys to Effective E-learning
Session Presenter: Mary Kate Agnew
Session Location: Room 148
Session Description:
Good instructional design is the key to a quality e-learning experience, an experience that can be further enhanced with the use of reusable learning objects (RLOs). As e-learning opportunities continue to grow at the secondary level, the need for instructional design has never been more necessary.
Session Resources:

ID Folders Materials

Session Number: 605
Session Title: World Language Instruction: There are no limits!!!
Session Presenter: Patricia Mulroy
Session Location: Room 143
Session Description:The session will present examples which incorporate Web 2.0 tools while addressing the Common Core to show how the two can be combined to create an engaging learning environment for students. Some Web 2.0 tools which will be demonstrated are Educreations, Diigo,, Blogger, Creaza,, GeoGebra, Google apps, etc.
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Session Number: 606
Session Title: Teachers + Web 2.0 + Common Core = Creative Classrooms Follow Up
Session Presenter: Barbara Moran, Angela Greco
Session Location: Room 134
Session Description:

Session Resources:

Session Number: 607
Session Title: Finding the Right App for Students and Their Learning Goals
Session Presenter: Teresa Cross @Teresa_Cross_
Session Location: Room 150
Session Description: Finding the right app to meet students’ needs may seem daunting. To help with this task, lets explore some of the best places for educational app reviews. During this session, we will examine resources that are designed to help educators find the right app to support student learning goals.

Session Resources: Slides
Curated App Lists and Review Sites

Session Number: 608
Session Title: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Reflection
Session Presenter: Chad Evans (@cevans5095)
Session Location: Room 142
Session Description: Conversation based session discussing best practices and crowd sourced ideas of Rigor, Reflection, Relationships, and Reflection and how they tie together to support student growth and learning.
Session Resources:
Google Doc

4 key questions for discussion
1) What does "rigor" really mean and what must we as educators consider when designing learning experiences for our students?
2) How significant is relevance for student learning? How do we best integrate it into our classroom?
3) How do we best establish meaningful, respectful, and authentic relationships with our students? What must we consider changing or upgrading in our practices?
4) What role should reflection play in the learning process for teachers and students? How do we establish it as a consistent practice daily?

Session Number: 609
Session Title:Capturing Thinking with EduCreations
Session Presenter: Cathy Enders
Session Location: Room 130
Session Description:
Looking for a way to capture and share thinking that could be reviewed and shared virtually? Using Educreations you and your students can do just that. View a demonstration and practice creating a lesson or capturing a metacognitive conversation. Bring your own laptop, tablet, or iPad.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 610
Session Title: Close Reading: A Discussion
Session Presenter: Maureen Schafer
Session Location: Room 147
Session Description:
What is the strategy all about? How and when should it be used? Do you have suggestions and or experience to share with fellow educators? Do you have questions about the strategy? Whether you've never heard about it, used it, or are an expert, please come CLOSE and join in a casual conversation about this Common Core strategy!
Session Resources:

Douglas Fisher, Close Reading and the CCSS, Part 1

Douglas Fisher, Close Reading and the CCSS, Part 2

Close Reading in Elementary Classrooms, Douglas Fisher

A Close Look at Close Reading, Scaffolding Students with Complex Texts Close Look at Close Reading Beth Burke, NBCT

Implementing the Common Core State Standards: A Primer on "Close Reading of Text"

Session Number: 611
Session Title: Configuring and Deploying iPad in Education
Session Presenter: Steve Zalot
Session Location: 144
Session Description:
Understand deploying iPad and content as they relate to the students, faculty and staff at your institution. We’ll discuss management of departmental and campus-wide 1:1 initiatives, as well as short and long-term loaner programs. We’ll discuss features and benefits of the latest version of iOS.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 312
Session Title: iBooks Textbooks for iPad - The Next Chapter in Learning
Session Presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer
Session Location: 149
Session Description: Discover how iPad is changing the learning landscape with iBooks Textbooks for iPad, iBooks Author, and iTunes U. First, with iBooks on iPad, we'll experience an entirely new kind of digital textbook that's dynamic, current, engrossing, and truly interactive. Next, we'll explore iBooks Author, a free app to create and publish amazing Multi-Touch textbooks for iPad. Finally, we'll learn about iTunes U, to design and distribute complete courses for iPad, featuring audio, video, books, and other educational content.

Session Resources: