Session Number: 401
Session Title: 5 Hacks to Visual Storytelling
Session Presenter: Robin Burns and Kelly Wetherhold
Session Location: Room 132
Session Description: Effective communicators know how to tell stories. Digital storytelling plays a strong role in increasing communication, engagement and relevancy. We share five innovative ways you can enhance visual storytelling using technology you may already have on your computers and share applicable ideas you can use immediately.
Session Resources: 5 Hacks to Visual Storytelling LibGuide

Session Number: 402
Session Title: Google Tools Slam
Session Presenter: Rich Kiker
Session Location: Room 146
Session Description:
The number of free resources from Google grows everyday and the ways educators can leverage these solutions are many. Come take a tour of the latest and greatest from Google including Chrome labs, The World Wonders Project, Google Art Project,, WDYL, Think, Trends, and more!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 403
Session Title: Building your PLN
Session Presenter: Kate Kieres & Tom Murray
Session Location: Room 145
Session Description:
This session will introduce participants to social network tools such as Twitter & LInkedIn, as well as apps for accessing, curating, and sharing educator resources. With these tools and apps, you can begin to build your own Professional Learning Network (PLN) - it's as easy as click, read, share!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 404
Session Title: STEM Program Creation
Session Presenter: Andrea Farina
Session Location: Room 148
Session Description:
A discussion for teachers and administrators who are interested in or involved in planning a STEM program in their building. The facilitator will share some ideas, plans, resources, strategies being used at Palisades Middle School and facilitate discussion amongst participants.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 405 - CANCELED
Session Title: Common Core Math and Technology

Session Number: 406
Session Title: It's Complicated: Social Lives of Networked Teens
Session Presenter: Randy Ziegenfuss
Session Location: Room 134
Session Description:
Today’s youth are growing up in a world that is very different from the one we adults inhabited. Come and explore these questions and some of the recent research on the current generation - Generation Z - and how many of our assumptions may not be quite so accurate.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 407
Session Title: Visuals, Voice, and Video: Creative and Collaborative Online Tools
Session Presenter: Michele Gill
Session Location: Room 150
Session Description:
Session Description: Are you tired of checking out the latest new and free tool and finding out that it’s just a glorified quiz machine or flash card creator? Or watching piles of tutorials only to figure out that the “amazing” tool is way too much work to use? Join us for an introduction to tools that you can use immediately without a lot of directions, that are actually free (or nearly free), and that allow you and your students to create and collaborate no matter what the project or assignment. We’ll focus on creative and collaborative tools that will make projects and presentations more engaging, efficient, and professional for you and your students.
When you leave this session, you’ll be ready to share these tools with your students...or just use them yourself to design engaging and unique content. You’ll also have access to the presentation itself and a pair of crowd-sourced Google docs that are updated regularly with hundreds of Online Tools and subject-specific Open Educational Resources.

Session Resources:

Session Number: 408
Session Title: A Blended Approach to Middle School Learning
Session Presenter: Tara Walter and Anita Benedix
Session Location: Room 142
Session Description:
Two teachers will share strategies for incorporating technology into authentic lessons in the middle school classroom. Through the use of learning stations and integrated media, lessons take on a blended approach, allowing students to discover information on their own, while having the support and guidance of their teacher to help when needed.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 409
Session Title: 21st Century Skills
Session Presenter: Rob Sawicki
Session Location: Room 130
Session Description:
How many times have you heard someone say that we must prepare our students for the 21st century? There is a big push to teach 21st century skills, but what does this actually mean? The International Society for Technology in Education released technology standards and performance indicators for students. This session will go over each of the six standards, as well as, provide examples of activities and lessons that seamlessly integrate technology. You will leave the session with a deeper knowledge of the standards and how to incorporate them into your classroom.

Session Resources:

Session Number: 410
Session Title:House: Science vs TV
Session Presenter: Mike Harkisky
Session Location: Room 147
Session Description:
During the presentation I will be discussing innovative ways to develop critical thinking skills, scientific writing, and research based problem solving based upon the contents of the "House" episode. I will provide a step by step description of the process, use examples from an episode, and provide a question and answer session as the need arises
Session Resources:

Session Number: 411
Session Title: iBooks Textbooks for iPad
Session Presenter: Steve Zalot
Session Location: 144
Session Description: Discover how iPad is changing the learning landscape with iBooks Textbooks for iPad, iBooks Author, and iTunes U. We'll explore iBooks on iPad and iBooks Author, a free app to create and publish amazing Multi-Touch textbooks for iPad. Learn about iTunes U, to design and distribute complete courses for iPad.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 412
Session Title: iLife for Mac and iOS - Do more with photos, movies, and music!
Session Presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer
Session Location: 149
Session Description: Rediscover creative new ways to work with digital photos, movies, music and more with iLife! The brand new iLife suite features exciting new updates to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, all with features specifically designed for education. In the classroom, over the internet, or as part of a dynamic presentation, iLife offers exciting new digital content creation tools that are powerful, fun and easy to use. Explore iLife today!
Session Resources: