Session Number: 301
Session Title: Global Connections
Session Presenter: Joyce Parsons
Session Location: Room 132
Session Description: Culture is a set of beliefs and values that effects how individuals view and act in the world. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to get to know what cultural values your students have and for them to understand their own perspectives and biases. By being aware of cultural values, students can then dig deeper into understanding course content through multiple cultural lens and understand why individuals or groups of people act the way they do in history or literature. During the hands on presentation, we will do various games and exercises that you can put into practice in your own classroom to further understand cultural perspectives, so that you can help your students understand the lens in which they see the world.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 302
Session Title: Visuals, Voice, and Video: Creative and Collaborative Tools
Session Presenter: Michele Gill
Session Location: Room 146
Session Description:
Are you tired of checking out the latest new and free tool and finding out that it’s just a glorified quiz machine or flash card creator? Or watching piles of tutorials only to figure out that the “amazing” tool is way too much work to use? Join us for an introduction to tools that you can use immediately without a lot of directions, that are actually free (or nearly free), and that allow you and your students to create and collaborate no matter what the project or assignment. We’ll focus on creative and collaborative tools that will make projects and presentations more engaging, efficient, and professional for you and your students.
When you leave this session, you’ll be ready to share these tools with your students...or just use them yourself to design engaging and unique content. You’ll also have access to the presentation itself and a pair of crowd-sourced Google docs that are updated regularly with hundreds of Online Tools and subject-specific Open Educational Resources.

Session Resources:

Session Number: 303
Session Title: QR Codes in the Classroom
Session Presenter: Becky Connelly
Session Location: Room 145
Session Description:
Participants will learn how quick response (QR) codes can promote student independence, engagement and motivation in their classrooms on a daily basis. Examples will be shared of how QR codes can effectively be used both as a teacher and student productivity tool from students as young as early childhood age. QR codes can prevent the need for students to type in web addresses and performing searches on their own. Many resources and integration ideas will be shared. Participants will then create their own QR codes from a free online generator and learn how to either add it to an existing document or print alone.
Session Resources:

QR Code Resource

Session Number: 304
Session Title: After School PD with Google Hangout on Air
Session Presenter: Dave Russell
Session Location: Room 148
Session Description:
After School PD during a 30 minute planning period solved the limited PD at WASD. Many models of PD require attendees to be onsite. Through Google Hangout on Air anyone around the world can view the PD live and interact or view the recording at a later date.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 305
Session Title: Flattening the Walls of the Classroom
Session Presenter: Shawn Storm
Session Location: Room 143
Session Description: Come ready to share and learn about tools that you can use to connect with parents, students, and other educators across the world and provide authentic audiences for your students. This session will be open discussion with the facilitator sharing various tools such as Twitter, Google Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, and many more!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 306
Session Title: Scholastic Technology Based Intervention: Literacy and Math Hands on Experience
Session Presenter: Tony Villani
Session Location: Room 134
Session Description:
Explore some of Scholastic Publishing's most successful blended learning model literacy interventions, including Read 180, System 44, the new iREAD program for grades K - 2. Also available for exploration will be the new Math 180 program as well as Fastt Math and Fraction Nation.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 307
Session Title: Crisis Intervention In Schools: Are You Prepared?
Session Presenter: Kevin Kelly
Session Location: Room 150
Session Description:
This session will be discussion oriented on school based crisis prevention and intervention. Group activities will be conducted to analyze how prepared school districts, and their staff, are to manage student, school, or regional emergencies. The discussion will include prevention, crisis management and postvention.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 308
Session Title: Voxer in Education
Session Presenter: Billy Krakower
Session Location: Room 142
Session Description:
Voxer is a great to connect beyond the Direct Message. Voxer can be used as PD or to connect principals across different schools.
Session Resources:
Find all resources at

Session Number: 309
Session Title:
Find it Fast: Tips and Tricks to Getting High Quality Results Online
Session Presenter: Becky Kelly
Session Location: Room 130
Session Description:
The frustration you feel when looking for high quality, relevant information while researching online is universal. This session will offer attendees tips and tricks to make the process of finding relevant, valid resources online quick and easy. You will be able to utilize these methods immediately in your own research and share these methods with students in your classroom.
Session Resources:
Find It Fast Google Doc

Session Number: 310
Session Title:
Session Presenter:
Session Location: Room 147
Session Description:
Session Resources:

Session Number: 311
Session Title: Google Tricks for Education
Session Presenter: Cori Frede
Session Location: 144
Session Description:
Collaborate with teachers and students across the hall and around the world using Google Apps. Learn different tricks and techniques during this presentation on using Google effectively in the classroom.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 312
Session Title: iBooks Textbooks for iPad - The Next Chapter in Learning
Session Presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer
Session Location: 149
Session Description: Discover how iPad is changing the learning landscape with iBooks Textbooks for iPad, iBooks Author, and iTunes U. First, with iBooks on iPad, we'll experience an entirely new kind of digital textbook that's dynamic, current, engrossing, and truly interactive. Next, we'll explore iBooks Author, a free app to create and publish amazing Multi-Touch textbooks for iPad. Finally, we'll learn about iTunes U, to design and distribute complete courses for iPad, featuring audio, video, books, and other educational content.

Session Resources: