Session Number: 201
Session Title: High Tech Daily 5
Session Presenter: Mara Lambert
Session Location: Room 132
Session Description: Attendees will receive resources to help them to increase technology integration during Literacy Learning Centers, specifically Daily Five. We will cover the pitfalls and management issues as well as highlight the positives of student engagement. We will demonstrate how we use iPods, iPads, and laptops to enhance student learning and independence.
Attendees will have the opportunity to share any resources they have that might be of interest to the group.

Session Resources:
The Daily 5 lessons-20 mini daily lessons to help you teach the Daily 5 before you integrate technology.

The Daily 5 Posters-Free from Teachers Pay Teachers

The Daily 5 Small choice Cards- free from Teachers Pay Teachers

Sample Daily 5 Letter to Parents

Student Check List for Daily 5

Here is our working spreadsheet of apps that we use for each of the areas of Daily 5.

Here is a small list of apps that are "challenge" for 1st grade, but fits into higher grade levels.

Session Number: 202
Session Title: Integrating Formative Assessment and Student Engagement
Session Presenter: Michael Pauling
Session Location: Room 146
Session Description:
We will take a look at two free and easy to use applications Kahoot and Socrative. This new technology has made the $2,000 Student Response Systems obsolete. Learn how they can be utilized for formative assessment, exit tickets, pools, games, back channeling, student questions and much more. Give your students a voice!
Session Resources:

Tool List

Session Number: 203
Session Title: Teaching Digital Citizenship Can Be Fun!
Session Presenter: Sheila Fredericks
Session Location: Room 145
Session Description:

Teaching and learning Digital Citizenship, especially Internet Safety, can be fun by using a combination of animated videos, videos, games, and projects. Animated videos are more child friendly; games reinforce learning; and the projects teach other important skills, such as Web 2.0, drawing, video/audio editing, etc., as well.
Session Resources:
Google Doc with my information and for participants to share information.

Session Number: 204
Session Title:
Session Presenter:
Session Location: Room 148
Session Description:

Session Resources:

Session Number: 205
Session Title: Flipped Class/Blended Learning in Mathematics: Hands On Follow Up
Session Presenter: John Venner
Session Location: Room 143
Session Description:
This workshop will provide an overview of Blended Learning, and share how specifically one teacher has completely flipped his middle school mathematics classroom. Attendees will come away with resources and strategies to flip a lesson, a unit, or the whole class.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 206
Session Title: Math 180: A Blended Approach to Mathematics Intervention
Session Presenter: Tony Villani
Session Location: Room 134
Session Description:
Learn about and investigate Scholastic's new Math Intervention program designed for Grades 6 on up. This "algebra readiness" program prepares students to be successful in Algebra with a blended model approach to math instruction to meet the many varied needs of your struggling math students.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 207
Session Title: 60 in 60®: Inverted
Session Presenter: Brandon Lutz
Session Location: Room 150
Session Description:
Enhance your classroom with the most innovative web tools around provided by you! Bring your favorite web tool and apps and share more than 60 tools as a group. Participants will be broken up into groups, given time to share with their groups and then with the entire audience!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 208
Session Title: Using the SAMR Framework to Elevate Instruction
Session Presenter: Bill Dovico, Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Randy Ziegenfuss
Session Location: Room 142
Session Description: Not all technology integration is equal. Collaborate with others to learn the basics of the SAMR framework developed by Ruben Puentadura. This framework provides a common language for all teachers and administrators when discussing instructional technology integration.
Session Resources:
Session GoogleDoc

Session Number: 209
Session Title: Common Core Math and Technology: Hands on Follow Up
Session Presenter: Ross Cooper
Session Location: Room 130
Session Description:
We will explore the breakdown of inquiry-based or Common Core math lessons in a way that is simple and effective. We will look at various iOS apps and Web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote inquiry based mathematics. The focus of the session will be at the elementary level, but information can be applied to all grades.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 210
Session Title: Gamification: A Model for Instructional Scaffolding
Session Presenter: Phil Vinogradov
Session Location: Room 147
Session Description:
Explore how gamification and “flipped” learning can be leveraged to create an instructional model that supports differentiation, learner independence, collaboration, and an inquiry learning cycle, using mastery learning to keep assessment standards at the forefront.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 211
Session Title: Get Your Head in the Cloud: Google Apps
Session Presenter: John Walsh
Session Location: 144
Session Description:
Students and teachers benefit from “anywhere, anytime” access to their own data, to each other, to the community and to the world. Learn how our school uses Google Apps -- as well as Blogger, Google+, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox and other tools -- for communicating, sharing, collaborating and learning.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 212
Session Title:
Reaching All Learners - Apple Technology for Special Needs
Session Presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer
Session Location: 149
Session Description: Discover new ways Apple is making exciting technology available to all learners as part of its ongoing commitment to accessibility. For over 30 years, the Mac has shipped with dozens of accessibility features built in, at no additional cost, allowing it to be used right out of the box by people with disabilities. Now, with the innovative new iPad, Apple continues to set the standard by taking accessibility and learning to a whole new level.
Session Resources: