Session Number: 101
Session Title: SAP: Going Green
Session Presenter: Bill Dovico
Session Location: Room 132
Session Description:
An introduction on iltow to make the SAP process electronic by using Google Apps.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 102
Session Title: Fair Use: Let Students Be the Judge
Session Presenter: Michael Pauling
Session Location: Room 146
Session Description:
How do we as teachers train students to create Internet safe projects? We will cover some of the basics of digital media law using various digital media examples. You will be provided with tools that will allow students to make the right decisions concerning media use in projects.
Session Resources:


Google Form
Socrative: Room: Pauling

Session Number: 103
Session Title: Blogging 101
Session Presenter: David Walp
Session Location: Room 145
Session Description:
Blogs are a great way to enhance student learning, reflect on your practice, build your PLN, and show off your classroom lessons and projects. No experience necessary. Attendees will come away with resources and samples to help them get started today.

Session Resources:
Blogging 101 Checklist:
12 Types of Blog Posts:
Blog Service Comparison:

Session Number: 104
Session Title: Digital Creation, Collaboration, and Communication-It's Elementary
Session Presenter: Lyn Hilt
Session Location: Room 148
Session Description:
Let's share ways to ignite and support elementary students' creative, collaborative, and communicative learning endeavors through the use of digital tools! There are many ways to support the creative and collaborative project work of our youngest learners and to help them communicate their learning digitally. Tools and ideas shared are applicable to middle level students as well!

In this session we’ll share best practices for technology integration and examples of tools that help facilitate student creation, collaboration, and communication. Digital storytelling, student response systems, blog options, and more will be shared. Bring your ideas and be ready to share in this session!

Session Resources: Slides Doc

Session Number: 105
Session Title: Flipped Class/Blended Learning in Mathematics
Session Presenter: John Venner
Session Location: Room 143
Session Description:
This workshop will provide an overview of Blended Learning, and share how specifically one teacher has completely flipped his middle school mathematics classroom. Attendees will come away with resources and strategies to flip a lesson, a unit, or the whole class.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 106
Session Title: Keynote Follow Up Question and Answer
Session Presenter: Ted Hasslebring and Tony Villani
Session Location: Room 134
Session Description:
Session Resources:

Session Number: 107
Session Title: 60in60®: 60 Web tools in 60 minutes
Session Presenter: Brandon Lutz
Session Location: Room 150
Session Description:
Enhance your classroom with the most innovative web tools around. Tying technology to the common core standards, 60in60 is designed to change your pedagogy forever!
Session Resources:

Session Number: 108
Session Title: Book Review: Core Six
Session Presenter: Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Randy Ziegenfuss
Session Location: Room 142
Session Description: This session involves a discussion of 6 key strategies identified in the text - Core Six by SIlver, Dewing, and Perini. Learn about the six essential strategies for reaching skills embedded within the PA Core. As a collaborative group, we will brainstorm ways these strategies may be used in multiple content areas.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 109
Session Title:Common Core Math and Technology
Session Presenter: Ross Cooper
Session Location: Room 130
Session Description:
We will explore the breakdown of inquiry-based or Common Core math lessons in a way that is simple and effective. We will look at various iOS apps and Web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote inquiry based mathematics. The focus of the session will be at the elementary level, but information can be applied to all grades.
Session Resources:

Session Number: 110
Session Title: Mystery Location Calls!
Session Presenter: Billy Krakower
Session Location: Room 147
Session Description:
A Mystery Location Call is an engaging and tech-infused way to have students hone their geography skills while practicing their speaking and listening skills in a video-conference format. During the calls students are learning about other parts of the country through a series of inquiry questions or yes and no questions. They also get to practice their critical thinking skills, learn the importance of collaborative effort, and practice the art of proper communication. Mystery Locations Calls are fun and easy to run in your elementary classroom. During our session we will discuss the process of how to find people to connect with, how to run a call, student engagement during the call, and what to do after the call. Students love these calls and always look forward to participating in them.
Session Resources:
Find all resources at

Session Number: 111
Session Title: Using Tech Tools to Facilitate Whole-Class Math Discussions
Session Presenter: Bob Lochel
Session Location: 144
Session Description:
Tech tools allow math students to "construct viable arguments and critique reasoning" (SMP3). Learn strategies for sharing student ideas with document cameras and online polling; while Padlet, Edmodo, Google Drive and Desmos collect and organize information. Activities for Algebra 1 and 2, Statistics and Pre-Calc
Session Resources:

Session Number: 112
Session Title: iLife for Mac and iOS - Do more with photos, movies, and music!
Session Presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer
Session Location: 149
Session Description: Rediscover creative new ways to work with digital photos, movies, music and more with iLife! The brand new iLife suite features exciting new updates to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, all with features specifically designed for education. In the classroom, over the internet, or as part of a dynamic presentation, iLife offers exciting new digital content creation tools that are powerful, fun and easy to use. Explore iLife today!
Session Resources: